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AGOL member: unknown requests

Question asked by pan_gis on Oct 25, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2016 by pan_gis

Hi Guys,


I am reorganizing our AGOL Organization's members.


I found a member (user role) that is shown as logged today as last login.


The consumption of credit is zero, everything is zero unless for Subscriber Content - Requests ---> here there is a large number of requests over the past year.


I have no idea what is requesting for, as I said any other field like App Used, tags in Items.......any other thing is blank.


The login was created long time ago, the owner is not here anymore so I can't ask.


Is there a way, from AGOL, to understand what is requesting for and in this case I can transfer the ownership to another user and delete this.

I can change the passwords as I have the admin rights but I have no idea if, by changing the password, I can jeopardize the functionalities of an app or service.


Thank you.