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Lock request conflict with an established lock (SDE.DEFAULT)(STATE_ID=xxxx)

Question asked by jilkahitesh on Oct 25, 2016
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Within a day many times we encountered lock conflict error in our Oracle GDB several times. Those who try to connect to database fails and those who try to SAVE Edit their work gets the same error.


Lock request conflict with an established lock (SDE.DEFAULT)(STATE_ID=xxxx)


For solution , we close the ArcMap application of user whose STATE_ID is shows in error message. Once the user close his application, error resolves but after sometime some other user acquires lock and thus result in same error. Also this error comes for any user as we get STATE_ID of different users in error message.


Sometimes, even after closing ArcMap and its background processes (cache & Connection manager), the error still exist.  


I use to query Oracle DB to find out user who acquired state lock using STATE_LOCKS table. 


I couldn't find any solution from ESRI support,  Is there some kind of bug in ArcSDE 10.3 for this issue?  Also, Is there a way to find why this error occurs and how we can resolve this instead of closing arcmap application everytime.