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Question asked by on Oct 24, 2016
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How do you copy good subdivision linework from one fabric and add to a fabric based off a shapefile?


I have been using the parcel fabric to draw new subdivisions (rather than use the basic cogo tools) and have a bout 25 subdivisions created.  Once created I export the parcels to our tax parcel layer and adjust neighboring parcels to match up.  We are starting the process to find an outside company who will be converting our parcel layer to the parcel fabric.   Once our completed parcel fabric is given back to us is there a way for me to copy the line work from one parcel fabric to the new parcel fabric that way the good data is included?  OR Would it be a hardship to ask the company to just add the non cogo'ed parcels to my parcel fabric with the subdivisions I created?  It might be another 3 to 6 months before the contract happens and I'd hate to not be creating the good data or correcting old data using the parcel fabric.


OR maybe someone has a better idea.