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How can I add only the GeoTIFFs that falls within a polygon to my MOSAIC dataset?

Question asked by arildj78 on Oct 22, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2016 by arildj78

I'm building a tool with ModelBuilder in ArcGIS Pro v1.3. The tool will allow the user to replace an outdated map in a Mosaic Dataset with a new updated one. This is done by choosing the Mosaic Dataset and approximately 53 GeoTIFFs from a folder (this is the entire content of the update folder). This gives nationwide coverage and then some.


The following will then happen.

  • All old data will be deleted from the dataset
  • The new TIFFS will be loaded.
  • The footprint of all 53 TIFFs will be clipped by a polygon covering the nations boundary.


My problem is that three of the GeoTIFFS falls outside of the clipping polygon. Because of this, the exported footprint are totally removed by the clipping. When I now update the Mosaic with the tool Import Mosaic Dataset Geometry, only the 50 remaining polygons will find a match among the footprints. These 50 are updated, while the three without a match is left untouched.


How can I get rid of the remaining three? The ideal solution is to never add them in the first place, but how?


One important note is that these GeoTIFFs are a finished product ready for printing, however the bordering countrys information is not to good, so I'll lay this on top of better map for that area before exporting to PDF for print. This means that no pixel processing is acceptable during the entire workflow as this leads to artifacts on small features especially on small text.