Next Generation 911 (NextGen) rollout?

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At the local GIS Users group meeting a few days ago there was a presentation on Next Generation 911, how it will differ from the current system, and that it is hoped to be implemented by the year 2020 in the United States and Canada.  I do addressing for a medium-sized city, so am curious how this will roll down to my level, since I am not directly involved in response but the response folks do use the addresses I assign.  Since NextGen 911 will be directly using municipalities centerline GIS data instead of phone company records, this caught my attention.


So some beginner questions:

  • Is the project on track for 2020 in all areas?
  • Has anyone fully implemented NextGen 911 already?
  • What level of effort does it typically require municipalities to update their centerline data so it works with surrounding municipalities in NextGen 911?
  • What level of effort is anticipated once the centerline data is in use in NextGen 911 to do the ongoing maintenance?  Is it expected to require extra staffing?
  • Is it expected that address points will be a requirement in the near future (sounds like they are not required in the current implementation)?
  • Have municipalities and call centers (PSAP) been able to get funding to help implement NextGen 911?  Organizational funding?  Grants?
  • If you have worked on this, any insight on issues that have come up?
  • Also, on the legislative side, is there a mandate that specifies when the system must be in place?  Or is it voluntary at this point?



Chris Donohue, GISP