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Mt Everest in Scene view using imagery basemap looks bad

Question asked by gibraltarwhere on Oct 20, 2016


I've just started looking at Scene in so chose the most obvious feature in the whole world to explore - Mt Everest.  I was pleased to see that esri have improved the resolution of the underlying DTM for this region but was really disappointed to see so many fragments from the less detailed tiles coming through. It makes for a really poor experience 


Opening the same content in ArcGIS Explorer Desktop with the less detailed DTM does not produce the fragments.


As long as Mt Everest is the highest mountain in the world (which it will be for a while yet) it will generate significant interest, so it really would make sense for the ESRI data team to make an effort to sort this out and re-cook the tiles (assuming that it is not an issue specific to my PC/Graphics Card/corrupted cache). Check out how lovely Mt Everest looks in GE - not a sliver in sight!


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nasty fragment of tile on mt everestnasty fragment of tile on mt everesteverest in google earth - looks amazing