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Blank MapView when I start the map without WiFi

Question asked by ihazbackup on Oct 21, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2016 by ANohe-esristaff

Hi, I am currently building an Android App using ArcGIS runtime SDK for Android. The app has a MapView on the layout and I plan to make it work offline without wifi. Thus, I have provided myself several .tpk files as offline areas. Under working WiFi connection, it worked well (the map is displayed, along with the offline tiles). But, when I turned off the WiFi and restarted the app, it only shows blank (black) map


I used the OnStatusChangedListener to listen to the MapView status. Here is the code snippet

mapView.setOnStatusChangedListener(new OnStatusChangedListener() {
    public void onStatusChanged(Object o, STATUS status) {
        if (o == mapView && status == STATUS.INITIALIZED){
            //setup everything, including adding offline maps here

I was under impression that the INITIALIZED status requires connecting to the internet. That's why I couldn't use the map or anything because I ran it without the WiFi turned on.


If that's the case, how can I use the MapView without using internet connection, when initializing the map itself requires internet connection? Is it actually one of the limitation of the SDK?


THX before