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Find Intersection between two polygons

Question asked by chanduguda on Oct 18, 2016
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Hi All!

I got a feedback from our customer, where there is a gap/overlap between two polygons, when we look into ArcMap could not see the overlap area even in maximum zoom, but if we see other software clearly we can notice the overlap between two polygons.

I tried with ArcMap built-in tool  intersect (Analysis) but could not identified the overlap areas . 

and I tried with Arcobjects .net coding where used ITopolygical operater


ITopologicalOperator tOper=polygon1 as ITopologicalOperator

 IGeometry resultGeom = (IGeometry)tOper.Intersect(polygon2, esriGeometryDimension.esriGeometry1Dimension);


instead of coming intersection area  got hole area (both) as output (input and output is same)


when measure the distance between these intersected polygons in other software the distance is ~ 0.0000000002



Below is the Customer given intersected area shape file :






i am using .net 10.2.2 SDK , hence kindly provide the solution with arcobjects.