Select by Location - Not selecting all points in a polygon

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Hi Guys,

I'm stuck and its a critical juncture on some data I'm prepping for a project. My initial gut feeling is that I have a spatial index issue on my data that I cannot appear to resolve by dropping and recreating the indexes!. Would you have any idea of how to resolve my issue ?


The example I have is buildings locations (points) and I need to select them via select by location where the points are completely within a polygon which has an attribute, based on this selection I update attributes and go onto the next process - so all very simple.  I have done this  process and whilst QC'ing the results I have spotted some anomalies - some points are not being selected by the polygon although they are definitely inside the polygon. (see index_issue1.png)


The polygons  have has been created by a union on cover and a buffer of buildings points a 2.9m, and then the building buffer removed. (see index_issue2.png), the over all polygon is as per example attached (see index_issue3.png)


I have tried this process in a file .gdb and Oracle both with the same results.  If I create another polygon without all the little holes I can select everything I need as per expected , if  I edit the geometry of the point and update it by a fraction of a millimetre then the object is selected in the select by location process using the original and cookie cut polygons, what I'd like to see if  there is another process I should be using? a better way to ensure I'm not loosing any data? is this a common occurrence ..


My SDE is 10.3.1 and my client is 10.3.1 also. (Using ST_Geometry types)



Any help would be hugely appreciated, I'd like to keep the little hair I have left.