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Routing with numerous stops

Question asked by imapangolin on Oct 17, 2016
Latest reply on May 1, 2017 by adnanraja

I want to do two things.  I have a sequence of street addresses and I want to determine the "time" and "distance" to cover these addresses in their current sequence.  There can be up to 2000 addresses in the sequence.


Next I want to optimize these with same side of street routing using the routing problem solving service.


There are limitations - 2000 "Orders" and 100 routes, with a max of 200 stops per route.  These are ArcGIS restrictions.


I want to feed the 2000 addresses (geocoded first) to the system and have it generate really just one long route, or connected routes, with all the stops optimized. 


First question - IS there a way to do this?  Even if not straight forward.  


I know I have to specify the starting and ending depot in the routes - but can I make on of the orders a depot?  Could I construct the routes so that where one ends another begins so that I can get my 2000 addresses in order 200 per each of the 100 routes?  


Any advice from anyone on how to do this?  If I specify 100 routes all with the same starting point I don't get the oders optimized the way I need.  I need to have my starting point as the depot on the first route, then the ending point of that route to be the starting depot of the next route.  The way I read the documentation I need to specify the ending depot on each of my routes - and I don't know what that will be.  


Thank you