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How to configure a GeoEvent Input Connector that’s similar to the built-in "Poll an External Website for JSON” connector, but be able to handle 2-pass authentication of the requests?

Question asked by tfu2016 on Oct 17, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2016 by tanchifu

Our Rest service server requires a Login request first, which returns an authToken, then the authToken will be included in the subsequent requests as cookies with a timeout session of 60 minutes. (In a Web browser, the authToken is automatically included as a Cookie.) When the authToken session expires, we need to make a Login call again and replace the new authToken in the GeoEvent Input Connector configuration.

We could not find any built-in Input connectors that can do what I just described above. So we think we have to use GeoEvent Extension SDK to write our own custom Input Connector. Do you know this is achievable by extending the SDK? If so, do you have any sample code or documented steps to do that?