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How to best implement vertex snapping

Question asked by Fredy.SIS on Oct 17, 2016

I'm building a specialised app that allows for polygons to be drawn and part of the requirements state that when drawing a new polygon, the user should be allowed to snap points to existing polygonal regions that are with a certain range. 


I found this posts which helps solve how to find a point to snap to:

.NET SDK snap function for feature geometry editing 


But I've hit a glass wall when trying to modify points as they are being created. I'm currently using a Progress delegate to

catch each new vertex that has been drawn but I can't seem to do anything them. MapPoint.MoveTo does NOTHING and I can't touch the X,Y members of MapPoint either.


I also tried over-riding the editor as per this post:
How do I delete a vertex from an existing polyline? 


But I run into the same issue with MapPoints there as well.

It's like you guys don't want us to touch the geometry at all but I need to be able to solve this problem. The only soloution I see at this point is either setting the mouse cursor manually through a low-level call or writing my own editor.


Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!