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Automatic transfer of attribute to Survey123 from Collector not working

Question asked by OSepulvedaIII on Oct 17, 2016
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I have developed a hydrant map with popups that contain a hyperlink to a form built within Survey123.  Utilizing the recent post by Ismael ChiviteUnderstanding Survey123's custom URL Scheme I have been able to transfer each hydrant's unique id (facilityID).  Using Collector and Survey123 on my desktop the workflow works perfectly.  Yet, when I try the same process on my iPhone or iPad I only get ${facilityID} transposed into the form and not the unique id.


Please help. I have included some screen shots showing the workflow from my Mac.  The copied hydrant form URL is: 

Popup Configure screen Popup Hyperlink configure

Popup Screen (Title shows 'globalID')Survey123 screenshot from Mac showing 'facilityID'