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Collector Location Profile Issue

Question asked by sladinj on Oct 14, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2018 by obabcock

I've been using Collector for several months and have a GNSS receiver that uses a RTK correction service that's in NAD 1983 2011 and my map/features are in NAD 1983 2011 and have a profile created for that.  Every time I open the map with that profile selected, I get kicked out and get an error that says the wrong location profile is being used.  I then switch to the Default profile, open the map and get the same error, but am able to close the error and the map stays.  I then go back to select my NAD 1983 profile and then everything is fine.  Is anyone else having a similar issue?  My map does use the Ersi Imagery Basemap, so I'm not sure if maybe that may cause an issue or if it's something else.