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How to Refresh AppStudio App?

Question asked by kjerath_hanovercounty on Oct 13, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2016 by kjerath_hanovercounty

I created a Quick Report app using the App Studio Basic license and recently acquired the Standard license to extend the app. I have shared the app with a few testers within the AppStudio environment (they download app studio and access the app that way on their mobile phones).  


The issue I'm having is that when I edit the app, the app on our phones, does not update. The issue happens whether I use AppStudio online or edit the code in Qt Creator, but most importantly I would like to be able to update the code and have it refresh. The app does not refresh even if I re-download the app within the AppStudio mobile app or uninstall and reinstall the AppStudio app.


The app in My Content in ArcGIS Online has a July update date, so does the app when I log into But on AppStudio Desktop Edition, it has the correct October update date.


Is there a way to refresh the app on my phone? Or do I have to create a whole new app and have everyone download the new app for every little update, like a change in the description or color of text?


AppStudio Version 1.1.17 

License Level Standard