Folder Management & mpk files

Discussion created by gisteacher on Oct 13, 2016
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I would have thought this would be a popular discussion.  Here is the workflow in preparing lessons for students .. I generate a folder and explain to the students the importance of NO SPACES in the folder and file names .. and especially when using raster where we'd be limited to 13 characters etc.  here is an example of a workflow

  • I generate a folder d:\students\sally\lesson005 and the file name is SuitModel.mxd  
  • I set document to use relative path
  • I add the layers into the document (and they source are in the folder above)
  • I save in the same folder
  • Next, I want to shareas a map package and post into a group on for students to obtain for lesson.  
  • Student logs into .. selects the said group .. downloads and open the map package ..
  • and low and behold .. and always, it makes a blooooody long folder and spaces and ugly characters which causes havoc in performing analysis and fails in running raster functions because of the extensive corrupt folder name.


Ok, so I know I can rename folders but this can add 20 30 minutes to a lesson.


Furthermore, a related problem is when the mpk extracts and opens, the ArcMAP opens empty .. so the student has to file > open and look for the extracted corrupted folders .. (I think this is a 10.4 issue)


So perhaps why this may not be a big issue for many is because many folks dont have move from station to station and upload and download data for retrieval.


The workflow has worked for several years but for several months now, simply fails.  Anyone have a better workflow?