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Connecting lines to points in 3D

Question asked by ismaeelgis on Oct 13, 2016
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If I have points and lines connect them and working in Arcscene, I have an elevation value for each point stored in a field in the point layer. Can I keep the lines connect points when elevate the points?

For example, I can create a surface layer from the point based on that field of elevation (for instance, IDW) and then used in Arcscene to elevate the points. I don't want to give the same elevation for the lines because the lines will follow the surface value for all their lengths which make the lines look like curves. I want to keep the lines straight with only giving elevations for their end points.

The figure below shows an example of a line (AB) connects the two points A & B with an elevation (C) for B and zero for A. Can I keep the line (AB) connects the two ends A and B but giving an elevation to B with the value C? I other word, AB is the line in 2D and AC is the same line in 3D.

Is there any way or tool to do it?