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Hiding a geopoint populated via pulldata

Question asked by rowright on Oct 12, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2018 by marino

I have series of deer check stations where the station's location does not need to be collected by the user, but is needed for later data displays. I've employed the pulldata function to populate the field, but would like to hide it from users, especially because many of the stations will not have connectivity anyway. I tried using type "hidden" and defining the field as esriFieldTypeGeometry, but when I try to publish the form I get an error message that it has 2 geopoints and only one is allowed. In the screen shot below the field of interest (station_loc) is listed as Type string though the ESRI Type is Geometry. The second geopoint  does not show up in the spreadsheet, but does in the schema (last row). Is there a workaround? Thanks.