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Camera rotation angle of image point

Question asked by salvaleonrp on Oct 12, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2016 by james_taylor-esristaff

I just finished an inspection and I would like to use the image point FC of the D2M.gdb of the project. I'm using an arrow for my symbol and would like to rotate the arrow in the direction of the camera. It seems to me that Kappa is the rotation angle to use but comparing the orientation of my arrow symbol with the inspection viewer of D2M, their directions are different. I wonder if the rotation angle used in D2m is a calculation of omega, kappa and phi? From Pix4D documentation of these angles that's how I read it but I just don't know how to calculate it. When I look at rotation option for ArcMap, it has to be Arithmetic rotation. So there are several variables for this symbol. Please advise.