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Survey123 Crashes when including multiple photos in a group.

Question asked by TLongSUGF on Oct 12, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2016 by JTedrick-esristaff

I am using documents scanned in as .jpg's and included in my survey in a group.  

The largest file is about 400kb (currently), I have included up to 47 images in my survey in testing.


When I load my survey on my iPhone, it works fine at both 200x200 dpi (400kb)per image and 600x600 dpi (1.5mb) per image. And when I have 12, 25 and 47 images.  No issues basically.

When I load my survey on my large iPad, it works fine when the images are 200x200dpi quality and crashes when they are 300x300 dpi & 600x600 dpi.  Quantity of images does not matter.  When it does crash it only crashes when I try to open the group at higher image qualities.

When I load my survey on my mini iPad, it crashes even before the survey can load when image quality is at 300x300 or greater at any image quantity.  When I use 200x200 dpi images with 12 images, it crashes when I try click on the group toggle show/hide.


This is my work around for including PDF attachments in my survey for user instructions.


This is confusing and I can clarify any questions.