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Simplify varying symbol sizes on multiple symbols in the legend

Question asked by n_pyrooz on Oct 11, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2016 by n_pyrooz

I am making some maps to display where invasive species occur throughout a given area, and the extent of area they cover. I have several maps for each of the individual species with points that vary in their symbol size according to how much area they cover. However I have one last map which is for several (10) species that occurred less often and for which I though it made more sense to have one aggregate map because each of them have 20 features or less. 


I am having trouble figuring out, in the legend, how to show a patch (I'm using points) with just the color, separate from something that will show the symbol size. The way it comes up it shows each of the 10 species, in their different colors, with each symbol size. I'd like just one generic symbol in the legend to demonstrate that each symbol size represents different acreage, and then something else to represent the color. If this is something that is possible I'd appreciate if someone could direct me to how to accomplish it. Thanks!