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Segmented Mean Shift: why difference among preview, segmented image end vectorized features?

Question asked by ebonan on Oct 10, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2016 by ebonan

We are trying to use segmentation tools in ArcGIS Pro 1.3.1  to classify satellite images.


We followed the two possible ways::

1) accessing from ""Classification tool/ segmentation" in the Raster layer /Data" tab

2)  accessing ro "segmentation Mean shift command"  in the Spatial Analyst Toolbox


to obtain a segmented image and a vector layed derived from.



In the first case the preview option shows the segment borders  and this is vey usefull to set the proper parameters values (spectral, spatial detail, segment size, bands).

Once you run the tool a segmente image is created but segments are very different from the preview segment borders 


Case 2

In the second case (Segment MS in Toolbox)it's not possible to have a preview. but running the tool with the same parameters values you obtain a segmented image similar to the case 1

After, if you run a raster2 vector command the polygons reflects the segmentation but are very different from the preview generated in case 1.



The question are:

1)  why preview segment borders are so different from the segmented mean shift images?

2) how to control the segment image details to be like the segment borders shown in the preview?


Thank you



Here an example : thin line are segmnent borders from preview  (case1) , thicker border are from vectorization from segmented mean shift image (following case 2)