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Is it possible to develop a window like Dashboard in CityEngine

Question asked by dreamchy on Oct 11, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2016 by dreamchy

Hello guys,

    I try to run a simulation cooperating with CGA and Python Script, I need a window which is dialog like Dashboard to input parameter before starting and visualize results (by giving values or figure) in it. One way I found is that Py script in CE can use swing library to develop graphic user interface but it seems to be outside CE I afraid it will be problem later with developing. Another way I wonder is it possible to develop a window inside CE via Python (or SDK)

   Actually I major in urban planning, not familiar with programming so i just ask for some professional advice which way is better? it is my main question.


two small "question":

  1. we can get object value as HELP said. so for one base we can get streetWidth value around the base, is it possible to give the elevation around it?

  2. Web Scene Viewer is quite good for design display but it can only change layer. is it possible to generate user mode where users can adjust attribute we defined and see results dynamically, but users don't need to see CGA editor and some more??