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Extract Roof Forms for Municipal Development

Question asked by PhoebeGIS on Oct 8, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2016 by PhoebeGIS

Hi, I am trying ArcGisPro with the ExtractRoofFormsForMunicipalDevelopment free lesson (Create elevation layers—Extract Roof Forms for Municipal Development | ArcGIS).I don't seem to be able to complete the "Review roof forms for errors" step. This should add 3 new fields into my Portland_Roof_Forms table (PlanesMissed, LowEaveError, and RMSE).

The task runs for 30 seconds, then fails. It inserts the PlanesMissed field, then fails with the attached error.

Restarted from scratch 3 times, same problem. I am using Win10, ArcGisPro 1.3.0. The parent directory is not read-only.


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.