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Drone2Map and NDVI modified lens

Question asked by Damfa13 on Oct 9, 2016
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I have a DJI Phantom 3 Professional drone with a NDVI modified lens from Peau Productions. It records in Red (660nm) and Near Infrared ( 850nm).


When I import the pictures into Drone2Map, under Processing option - Orthomosaic and DSM the NDVI option is not clickable.


The User manual states that it means that there is no infrared band eg that the SW does not recognize infrared in the taken pictures.


This is strange, because in SW like Pix4D you can manually set the wave lenght for RGB and NIR.


Is there any solution to this? This is a standard picture taken with my system.




Not to mention that I plan to purchase a professional drone with a professional camera, but nothing guarantees that it will work with your software. And the client of mine needs ESRI based SW.


Thnx in advance,


Dario F.