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Trial arcgis online account: how do I gain access to the Create Drive-Time Areas analysis service?

Question asked by ChrisMugdan on Oct 9, 2016

I have used the Python scripts at this page:

Programmatically accessing analysis services—ArcGIS REST API: Spatial Analysis Service | ArcGIS for Developers 

In the second one (to find the services) it cannot find the spatial analysis service, then when I examined the services in the returned JSON, it was not there yet the spatial analysis service is shown in my premium content:

        u'premium: user: demographics',
        u'premium: user: elevation',
        u'premium: user: geocode',
        u'premium: user: geoenrichment',
        u'premium: user: networkanalysis',
        u'premium: user: spatialanalysis'],

I have attached the complete services JSON. I know that there is the Service Area Service listed, but I was hoping to use the Create Drive-Time Areas service.

Any help appreciated.


Chris Mugdan