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How can I get tabular data from Esri Demographics?

Question asked by AGO129291 on Oct 7, 2016

This is really two questions:

  1. Does anybody have ideas why I'm unable to enrich a layer, whether in ArcGIS Online or through ArcGIS Pro? Every time I try it, it fails (with a 999999 error in Pro). It's a complicated, large (~5 million acres) polygon with many vertices (but only 20 features), but I wouldn't think that would cause it to fail... Before I published it as a service directly from a feature class in Desktop, I was able to upload it as a shape so it shouldn't have too many vertices. I do have plenty of credits...
  2. Since I've become so frustrated trying to enrich this layer, I thought maybe I'd try to find the actual tabular data by Census block group (or even better, block) and do my own areal proportion analysis. How can I use my ArcGIS Online account to access these data? I've only been able to find map services in ArcGIS Online and through the ArcGIS Server connections. I also did find documentation on using the REST API to access the GeoEnrichment Service directly (, but creating a JSON query would take me forever... Is there any other way to access 2016 tabular data for the smallest Census geography possible?


Thanks very much in advance.