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Trouble Editing an Existing Map Journal section

Question asked by Geographilia on Oct 10, 2016

Over the last few days, I have had some students come to me with trouble editing a Map Journal-style StoryMap. There is no issue in setting up the Map Journal initially and content can be added and edited as normal. Once the application is saved and exited after initial setup however, it cannot be edited in subsequent visits. The edit button is available, and the individual edit mode tools are visible, but when they click on the button to edit an individual section, the window only displays the tab header for the Side Panel with no text or content below. See the images below to see the blank edit window even though the Side Panel clearly has content.


Image of blank edit window from StoryMap Journal with existing content.


I have tried three different browsers and at least three different machines. 


Has anyone run into this before and know what could possibly be causing it?