Automating Some ArcGIS Online Web Map Tasks

Discussion created by wgrc on Oct 6, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2016 by wgrc

Hello!  I have some questions about possibly automating some minor but still sometimes annoying tasks building ArcGIS Online maps that are being used on web browsers and in Collector.


1. Disabling Editing.  Often we have many many layers but just one or two that should be editable (with the rest being for reference only).  So we right click and select "Disable Editing" for most layers.


2. Renaming Layers.  By default layers come in as "Feature Service - Layer Name".  The end user is usually only interested in "Layer Name".  So we'll right click each layer click "Rename" and remove "Feature Service -"


I was trying to find samples.... Could we use python to automate these two tasks?  Some of our maps have almost 100 layers in them!