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Has anyone manged to get the time slider sequential images or video in v10.3 to work?

Question asked by ndorsey on Oct 6, 2016

I am using Desktop ArcMap v 10.3.  I have the display set up in the layout window as recommended with the time showing.  (sort of it is really hard to see as it overlays the map instead of in the text border)


I have the time slider set up for a daily animation for about two months, and it works.  The video ends up with skewed lines across the frame...probably because the screen redisplays everything and takes FOR EVER.


So I tried to select sequential images as the export type.  It took that but left the name as .avi which I overwrote to .jpeg  Options did NOT switch to images but stayed as avi.  Export only went to the compression options for the avi.


At this point exporting a jpeg would be a whole lot simpler.


The help guide also says a graph can be included, but no instruction or link provided.


Any ideas or help?