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Is it possible to create the following symbol in ArcMap?

Question asked by lcsoccer on Oct 6, 2016
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I've been tasked with an interesting request to symbolize point data. Essentially, what I need is a Circle divided into 5 equal pieces, and another which is the same except one of those pieces is filled in (Attachement 1). The end goal is to be able to symbolize 5 different attributes at the same time by stacking the symbols together. I only need one slice filled in since I can rotate the symbol 72 degrees (360/5 = 72). (Attachment 2). Each slice is an attribute, and depending the color it represents (Good, Moderate, and Bad).

ESRI has an extensive symbol library, so I'm really hoping there's something already available that can help me out. I really would like to stay away from using Picture Markers.


Any help is greatly appreciated!!