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Raster creation for cut/fill

Question asked by bobm007 on Oct 5, 2016
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Arcmap raster creation for cut/fill operation.

We have a irrigation channel that we plan to pipe. We need to use the cut/fill tool to show us the volumes of soil needed to be moved.

We have a DEM of the area. I need to create another raster to use with the current DEM. The new raster will follow the natural surface along the pipeline. i.e. The surface after the pipe is laid and the channel filled in.

The attached image shows cross section lines every 50m down the pipeline. The elevation at the ends of each cross section will somehow be used in the new raster. The new raster elevations along each cross section will be interpolated in a straight line between the end points.

How can a raster be produced that mimics a natural surface along the pipeline?