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Survey123's custom URL Scheme - don´t work after last update

Question asked by johan.ekenstedt_sveaskog on Oct 5, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2016 by JTedrick-esristaff

 It was very promising before the last update of Survey 123. I tested Understanding Survey123's custom URL Scheme  and was able to send data, open and populate fields in a survey. 


In the last update you made a function that downloads the survey but it makes it all stop to work. My URL is: 

arcgis-survey123://?itemID=59321a93d2bc416a83dceca1607bca65 (This URL doesn´t  populate a field- but I simplified it in order for a higher success rate)


Look at this video so you understand what I am talking about.


The device is an Ipad mini 4, iOS 10.0.2, Latest release of Collector and Survey123