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Shortlist Storymap problem - symbols not appearing on map, some entries not showing.?

Question asked by connor.spence_UHCC on Oct 4, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2018 by MCooney-esristaff

Hi all, I am creating a Shortlist storymap about accommodation, food, etc. I have a problem when I add a new entry - the symbols don't appear on the map. I have heard this is caused by a missing attribute (shortlist ID or Number?)..


I would like to know the best way of editing this? I have created the shortlist online from scratch by clicking the "build a shortlist" button. If there is an easier way to add entries to the shortlist that differs to how I am doing it please let me know.


Also, some entries to the shortlist don't register - for example, I will add a 5th and 6th accommodation, however only the 1-4 + 6th entry will be displayed, does this have something to do with what I detailed above or is it to do with image size/dimensions?