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What laptop to buy for using ArcGIS?

Question asked by christelmett on Oct 4, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2016 by dkwiens

Hi, (TL;DR below!)


I'm studying Environmental Engineering in Germany and for that I need ArcGIS. My current laptop isn't really a workhorse and it's very heavy, I don't want to carry it around to university everytime, so I'm planning to buy a new one right now.

Besides the work ArcGIS, I'm mainly doing lighter tasks like browsing and watching movies, so the most intense program I'm running will be ArcGIS and I want it to run quite fast and reliable.
Do you have a special laptop recommandation for me or at least what processor & memory configuration would be nice?


My budget is around 1200€ and I've already looked at quite a lot of laptops, but I can't really tell what's best and what might be to overkill.


I've seen a Zenbook 310 for around 1000€ that has an i7 quad core CPU and 8 GB of RAM, but my boyfriend said I'd be good to go with a laptop with an i5 dual core and 8GB of RAM that's half the price, because the simulation probably won't take that much longer on the slower CPU and it's a 50% saving.

Of course he also has no clue about ArcGIS, so that's why I'm asking here.



What specs should a laptop have to run ArcGIS quite good (e.g. i7 quad core + 8GB @ 1000€ vs. i5 dual core + 8GB @ 500€ still a good laptop?)