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10.1 fails to preview/open 10.3.1 SDE Raster

Question asked by tjd33 on Oct 4, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2016 by tjd33

Hi all

We have a situation where 10.1 server/desktop/arcpy cannot see newly created SDE Rasters in a 10.3.1 Enterprise Geodatabase (SQL Server 2014). We have existing SDE Rasters in this 10.3.1 geodatabase that 10.1 Desktop can see.

The difference being the method of loading:

         1. The layers that 10.1 cannot see were loaded using 10.3.1 Desktop Client 'Mosaic to New Raster' tool .

         2. The layers that 10.1 can see were 'copied\imported' using a 10.3.1 Desktop Client, but from a 10.0 SDE Geodatabase,

I'm aware of the client/geodatabase compatibility matrices.  I expect that there is some new function that has been implemented at 10.2 for SDE raster but I cannot find what it is.

Does anyone know if there is a patch or anything that can be applied to 10.1 to address the issue. Or something I can do when I load the Raster, ie. not use certain environment settings at 10.3.1?

Any ideas?


   -   We have some custom tools and flex viewer which restricts us from upgrading the 10.1 version of ArcGIS in the short term.