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outStatistics bug

Question asked by c_blandy on Oct 4, 2016

I have created an Operations Dashboard to monitor when our contractor replaces streetlights bulbs with new LED technology. I created the queries and all is fine when I create a Gauge widget in the Windows Operations Dashboard App.

When I share the app I get a no data message in the Gauge widget.


On close investigation the query to get the data is failing (using outStatistics in the Query). On the server I get a "General database error occurred" which explains nothing. However, on further investigation I found the issue has occurred with other users and ESRI has been able to replicate the issue (BUG-000092566). Since this was first recorded back in Nov 2015 I am wondering is ESRI plans on fixing this issue. Basically we cannot use the Operations Dashboard until this issue is fixed.


Can somebody at ESRI provide an update?