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What causes ArcGIS Online Parcel Drafter to not caluclate misclose or save parcels?

Question asked by kwikstrom on Oct 4, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2019 by CBuscaglia-esristaff

Hi all,


I've missed a step or a particular piece of the configuration while setting up the Parcel Drafter for Local Government solution using Web AppBuilder Dev. Edition. I loaded the required schema for parcel drafter lines and parcel drafter parcels into our enterprise GIS and included these in an AGS service with Feature Access enabled. I added these two layers (FeatureServer) and an additional Tax Parcel layer (MapServer) to the web map. I've configured the Parcel Drafter widget with these layers, with snapping on all 3 of the layers.


When entering a new traverse, the misclose is not calculated, and when I save a traverse I get the error "The entered parcel is not closed, do you still want to proceed and save only parcel lines?" However, my traverse end point is snapped to the starting point, so I have a complete polygon.


Has anyone experienced this issue and what can be done to resolve this? Like I mentioned, this is probably a simple misconfiguration on my end and any help is always appreciated.



Thanks all,