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Add more than 1 WebMap to WAB (2 questions)

Question asked by THayes on Oct 5, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2016 by rscheitlin


I have a WebMap I built using WAB 2.1. Under the Map Tab, I have a WebMap (basemap) from AGOL. However, I have a second WebMap I want to add. This WebMap is on AGOL. Should I add this using the LocalLayer Widget? I would like this WebMap to be added NOT as a basemap, but to be put under the Layer List.



I have a WebMap in AGOL. I added one Layer from this WebMap to my WAB App using the LocalLayer Widget. The only way I can do this was add it as a Feature Layer. But, when I go to open my WAB App it prompts me for a Username and Password. What is the best way to add a single Layer from an AGOL WebMap to a WAB App, is using the LocalLayer Widget the best way or is there another option that will not prompt me for a username/password?