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New Internal Domain Name (but what about the proxies!?)

Question asked by bokeefe on Oct 4, 2016

So we've been using the server name for our internal maps as the URL to reach them.



Well, our server team is rolling out some security measures and needs us to use a domain name instead.


SO... we are using a domain name and I'm starting to have issues just replacing the old urls with the the domain name. I'm wondering if anyone knows what I need to do to correct this? Do I need to go back and rebuild the AGOL maps piecemeal using the new URL's for the rest services? I've already modified the DotNet proxies to include the new domain, I've gotten a couple of maps to load... but not all...


I'm getting errors like this:

XMLHttpRequest cannot load http://<servername>/DotNet/proxy.ashx? No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource. Origin 'http://<domain-name>' is therefore not allowed access.