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Can I switch on/off the shadow effect of separate feature layers in local scene?

Question asked by halmaia on Oct 3, 2016

There is a “Display shadows in 3D” check box on the “Illumination” tab, on the “Map Properties” of a local scene in ArcGIS Pro 1.3.1. If I check it in every feature layer starts to drop shadow. Can I switch it off on a given layer? For example in BIM environment the multipatch feature class of the windows do not need any shadow casting effect. But the other feature classes do need. Is there a check box somewhere on the UI? (In the aprx file’s xml definition of the separate layers there is a <CastShadow>true</CastShadow> element to switch it on/off, but it isn’t the right way…) And also the animation path is also dropping shadow, however it shouldn’t drop shadow at all, because it is not participating in the scene.