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What happened to my feature layers symbology?

Question asked by menno_ter_bals on Oct 3, 2016

I've made several thematic layers in ArcGIS Pro (1.3.1) that each visualize an indicator on neighbourhood level (Curaçao Census 2011). Each layer uses the same source feature class, but visualizes a different indicator.


I've done all the mapping (symbology, classification, legend, pop ups) in ArcGIS Pro and want to share the layers on our ArcGIS Online organizational account in order to make a web application with these layers.


Initially, sharing the layers as web layers (features, not tiles) copied everything to AGOL, except the pop-ups. But when I try to share my layers now the symbology appears erroneous in AGOL; all of the neighbourhoods seem to be in the 'Not available' class (see attachment for larger image):




The legend and the pop-ups however do appear in my web layers, but don't seem to be related to the underlying attribute table: the data value in the pop-up that should be read from the attribute table is missing in the pop-up. Likewise, the customized text from my pop-up is nowhere to be found in the 'configure pop-up' option in AGOL.


I used manual breaks for the classification and don’t want to do the classification all over again for each layer in AGOL. The same goes for the pop-up customization.


Does anybody have any idea what could be the problem?