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I am just starting out with Esri's platform, and GIS itself. I would like to take a progressive set of courses from beginner to advanced (depending on availability), starting with ArcGIS Pro.  I am confused at how to organize a training structure that wil

Question asked by Prometheus_Shield on Oct 3, 2016
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I would like an organized outline of training that I should take to move from beginner to advanced.  I am a mechanical and electrical engineer with extensive computer skills, so the material is no problem, but I need to start at the beginning and move forward steadily.  I have created a wildland fire incident management system that includes a GPS tracking system.  I want to learn how to develop this application for professional use all across the country.  The program resides in SharePoint, and I understand that there is a class on how to integrate ARCGIS Pro into SharePoint.  Do I have to pay for all of the instructions, or is there a way I can get someone to sponsor my training?  I'm just looking for solutions to a limited budget but a terrific GIS application.


Sample position reports and fire management plan display map for Prometheus Shield