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Sanitary Sewer Overflow (SSO) Collect and reporting

Question asked by mikenelson on Sep 30, 2016

Good afternoon, I'm new to GeoNet and learning web app builder for developer. I have installed Portal and our Web Adapter. My clients are now accessing our Public and Secured maps. I would like to create a widget for our City Sewer website that you could 1) identify a manhole and 2) link the manhole unique ID to a TCEQ file we have. 3) When the file opens, the employee would populate the TCEQ file with the required notes. 4) Save the file, in doing so, it would push the record collected into a TCEQ related flat table within the database. With this tool I could create, save, print, symbolize and report Sanitary Sewer Overflows to TCEQ...


Is this a realistic goal? is there already a similar tool that could be edited or used?