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Data not display in custom widget

Question asked by Dave.J on Sep 30, 2016

This is the post related to my previous post of my web mapping app. 

I added codes to implement some functions, mostly tools are working fine, some tools have problems however, first the basemap only loaded automatically on new request, but when page refreshed, basemap does not load automatically always need to click zoom in / out button to cause the map load the basemap. the edit tool only draw graphics after basemap is loaded.
the measure tool I believe the  codes are correct, because it  work perfectly most case, only sometimes  for some reason could  not calculate the latitude correctly, always get 90  internally even though the markers are located in correct location.

the middle button I plan to make buffer tool , I create a dummy custom widget call testWidget, I can load to right panel but the data does not display in the data grid as it supposed to be. And what if I need to pass data from outside the widget at that case how do I  update the data grid at runtime?
Any ideas?
Attachment: source codes.