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What's the easiest way to append an arcsde geodatabase with attachments collected with Collector for arcGIS

Question asked by geotechspatialvision-esridist Employee on Sep 29, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2017 by gkatsamb

I'm looking for an easy way to append an arcsde geodatabase with attachments (relationship class and tables) that were collected with Collector for arcgis. I exported the feature layers to a file geodatabase (in arcgis online) and now i'm looking to update a company arcsde geodatabase. I know an xml export will work however, this creates new feature classes and domains and I don't want to create new feature classes in my existing geodatabase, i want to append existing feature classes and also add the attachments. i've used the simple data loader to load the updated or newly created features but can't seem to find a way to bring in my attachments for those features without creating an xml workspace. I think the trouble is the naming convention for the arcsde geodatabase because i can perform these actions just fine using file geodatabases. append won't work either.


any ideas can help.