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Prevent web client from caching ArcGIS Online-hosted tile layers locally

Question asked by bfausel on Sep 29, 2016

Does anyone know if it is possible to prevent web clients from caching tiles locally for ArcGIS Online hosted raster tile layers?  This is possible in an ArcGIS Server cached map service (see attached pic) and has always worked great.  My scenario ~


  1. I have a hosted tile layer on AGO and was able to successfully update it with modified tiles.
  2. The old (not updated) tiles remain when viewing the tile layer in standard Google Chrome via an AGO web app. This was also true after a restart of Chrome and a restart of the computer.
  3. The only way to get the new, updated tiles to appear was to either clear the browser cache or run in incognito mode.
  4. I have not tested other browsers, but I suspect they will behave the same.




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