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Create a timeline graphic for tracking data

Question asked by ace74 on Sep 29, 2016
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Hi all,


I have some acoustic tag data for shark movements where there will be a record at 1 of 32 acoustic 'listening stations' with time and date.  I have used tracking analyst to create the points and lines showing the movements of each shark.  What I would like to do is show when the shark was at each receiver and for how long it may have stayed and then when it was recorded at the next receiver.  I was thinking of creating a graphic with a simple line as a timeline (ie/ Dec 2010 to Dec 2013) and simply notate with a dash and label for which receiver picked it up at that time.  I'd like it to be 'true' as in data-based distances between each dash.  


Does anyone have any ideas what I could try to accomplish this or other ideas for quickly representing the same thing?


Many thanks,