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Parcel Fabric LSA and Parcel Errors

Question asked by Glen.Kilpatrick on Sep 28, 2016

Regarding Adjusting a Parcel Fabric,


I am working a test parcel fabric dataset containing about 700 parcels. I have about 7 control points and I am using unclosed parcels to create connections from the parcel boundaries to these surveyed control points. However when I go to adjust the parcel fabric using these control points, an error message appears: "Adjustment Failed" saying that one of the unclosed parcels is not connected to the parcel fabric (though it has been joined).


To investigate the parcel fabric for errors, I use Check Parcel Fabric... and all of the unjoined parcels come up with "Parcel shape contains very short segments" though I have checked and they don't have such short segments so not sure why this error is coming up.


I have attached the error messages I have referred to.  I will keep looking into this and if I find a solution I can post it up here but if any have come across a similar error message I would be interested to hear.