Missing file and bad url in Calcite theme can result in dojo build fail

Discussion created by btfou on Sep 29, 2016

When importing all required css via stylus into a single file dojo build CSS optimization fails (build error 357).



esri/themes/calcite/esri/esri.css references relative path ../images/Directions/maneuvers/esriDMTTripItem.png which does not exist at this path, but does at esri/dijit/images/Directions/maneuvers/esriDMTTripItem.png



esri/themes/calcite/dijit/calcite.css references relative path images/commonIconsObjActDisabled_rtl.png which should be icons/images/commonIconsObjActDisabled_rtl.png


As a current work around I'm replacing via RegEx as part of prebuild tasks, but it would be appreciated if these were fixed in the next release. Thanks.